Super Team

Blue Water Excursions is owned and operated by Captain Richard Orr.

Captain Richard is a native Caymanian and has grown up on the waters of the Cayman Islands. He is a true fisherman to the core and an advocate for Cayman’s marine life. From playing with the stingrays to catching the big fish, Captain Richard and his local crew are the best at what they do.

Join Captain Richard and the crew on your next visit to the Cayman Islands - it’s a trip you will want to repeat time and time again.


If you are looking for things to do in Grand Cayman, no trip would be complete without a day of snorkeling.  We provide private snorkeling charters for those who prefer a more personal tour of Grand Cayman’s top snorkeling spots, rather than sharing the experience with the 100 other people you would normally find on one of the larger vessels.  Our tour includes visiting our famous Stingray City Sandbar, Coral Gardens and Barrier Reef.

Stingray City & 2 Snorkel sites - US$600

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